DMA Scotland Talent Hub Chair Appointment for MBN Director

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When Firas Khnaisser, Head of Decisioning at Standard Life and Chair of DMA Scotland, asked me recently if I would be willing to act as Chair of DMA Scotland’s Talent Hub my response was an obvious (and resounding!) YES.

Wow, what an honour.

The Data & Marketing Association exists to help businesses put their customers at the heart of their one-to-one communications – giving the rich benefits of a much more relevant, welcomed and effective relationship with each individual customer.

Firas, along with Rachel Aldghieri (MD of DMA), Derek Lennox (Vice Chair DMA Scotland) and Lisa McLauchlan (Community Manager DMA Scotland) has been a man on a mission recently.

In his capacity as DMA Scotland Chair, Firas has been steadily building momentum on a series of initiatives under the “Value of Data” banner – and Talent (both existing and emerging) is a key aspect of this programme.

In Scotland, the “Value of Data” initiative looks holistically at what value or values are attached to data within and between individuals and organisations.

And underneath all this good stuff lies Talent.

From those brilliant minds emerging from Schools, Colleges and Universities, through skills training for those already in the industry through to initiatives that empower organisations to create a culture of workplace flexibility for their employees – the Value of Data initiative will look at it all.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ve delivered Employability workshops to DMA’s Creative Data Academy students for the last two years – an amazing experience that I am so glad to have been asked to participate in – and participated in a number of DMA Scotland Council meetings as an advisor to the board.

With experience in Talent Acquisition at every stage of the academic journey (yes, I’ve even delivered “Jobs of the Future” presentations to Primary 1 schoolkids!) and a strong network within Scotland’s established and emerging Data and Technology business sector, I speak regularly to individuals looking to ensure Scotland’s position as the “Data Capital of Europe”. My job is to work with the amazing people within DMA Scotland and to bring my experience to bear on an issue that is very close to my heart.

And do you know what? I can’t wait to get started.