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Perhaps your organisation anticipates an unmet need for IT staff: If you’re hoping for surprising predictions about what 2014 has in store, you’re probably going to be dissatisfied. Here at MBN we feel it’s unlikely there will be any major shifts that completely upend the technology skills, roles, and titles that employers will want in 2014.

What’s hot and what’s not?

So, nothing new and frankly, nothing exciting about IT skills requirements in the year ahead.  This could have meant that we ended the article here with one of our shortest blogs, instead, we thought we’d share some views on what skills remain in demand to help create some clues as to how candidates may seek to position themselves or businesses may be able to anticipate shortages.

Sector skilled business analyst and project managers

Starting with the obvious, feedback from clients suggests that business analysts and project managers will remain important in the year ahead.  A slight nuance here is that many employers are now seeking specific competencies and sector knowledge.  Rather than a generic business analyst, they are typically seeking specific experience and the areas most in demand are insurance, derivatives, healthcare and capital markets.

Cloud and mobile developers

In keeping with the themes from our major survey on Big Data last year, we have observed a continuing need for developers with solid experience in Cloud and Mobile Operations.  Staff with skills for both development capabilities and now more importantly, maintenance skills will continue to be at the top of the list for many organisations due to the continued adoption of cloud based solutions and mobile enablement of digital initiatives.  Candidates can you develop and script in Linux?  If you can, you can expect a premium this year, which we’ll discuss a little further in this blog.

Have we mentioned Mobile is hot?  Mobility and mobile enabled digital engagement continues to be one of the key, in-demand areas for IT skills.  We suspect that there are more open positions than qualified resource available to fill them. While there have been plenty of early adopters, many businesses are only just starting to figure out how to either enhance mobile access or deliver mobile enabled sales, related to their product and service offerings.  As such mobile application developers are in great demand, and this will continue for some time to come.

The ongoing Java hunt

Perhaps the easiest section to write in this article.  .NET and Java programmers will have no issues finding gainful employment in 2014.  However, watch this space as ‘flavours’ become more important driven by growth in other areas mentioned in this blog.  For example, we see an increase in Adobe CQ Java skills being prevalent in 2014 as CQ makes more of a dent on large-scale web enterprises with multi brand, multi country businesses.

Big Data and Bigger data…

Our next sector is much covered in our other blogs so we’ll not labour the point here but Big Data experts continue to be in big demand.  We anticipate a shift this year away from traditional Data Scientists to hybrid business and insight professionals with the ability to help their organisations with predictive analysis.  This coupled with those capable of bridging Big Data with Cloud and Mobile will be much in demand.  We’ll see such Business intelligence designers helping to turn all of that information into intelligence the non-technical business units can actually understand and use.

Linux developers

We teased you earlier with a reference to Linux developers.  IT professionals with Linux expertise will remain in demand in the coming year. Many of our clients and many IT industry commentators observe that good quality Linux scripting experts and developers are short in supply.  Not what would be regarded as a particularly hot topic, Linux is proving resilient in its application in digital activities across the board and has seen an increase in demand coming from the Big Data community.

Whilst not regarded as hot in the current climate, telecommunications, ERP implementation and some areas of CRM are much less in demand.  If you’re a business recruiting in these areas, you’re more likely to find a range of good candidates to shortlist than in the previous areas of commentary list above.


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