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MBN hosted another successful and informative “Technology Supper Club” last night. Special thanks to Steve Garland for giving up his evening to help facilitate this event – great job.

Thank you also to everyone who joined us. Your attendance is invaluable in ensuring success in such events through individual contributions and shared insight and experience. A great discussion ensued about Remote working & Team Management, Morale & Motivation and Collaborative Technologies. It was through this dialogue that members were able to share their own experiences of managing and facilitating a productive work/life balance in the current climate.

The main take-away for me was a comment from MBN’s Managing Director, Pete Docherty – his son is 10 months old and he usually only has around 30 minutes with him in the morning before rushing to work.

Due to the demands of working in a demanding role within a busy office and then quite a lengthy commute home, his young son is inevitably sleeping when he gets home from work. Pete therefore only has the weekends for quality family time.

Under the lock-down restrictions, daily routines have now changed significantly for Pete and his family, as they have for the majority of the country. Without dismissing or trivialising the very obvious challenges we all face, there are very positive aspects of this sudden shift in routine that hold apparent bonuses for hardworking parents.

Pete explained that he now has the luxury of being there when his young son wakes up, he can enjoy lunch with him and share the contentment of putting him to bed. Another business leader reiterated these sentiments and explained it is the first time in a very long time where he can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with his family. This for me was quite profound and I believe something that more emphasis should be placed on when transferring back into the “hustle and bustle” of mainstream business working.

As business leaders and company owners, we need to be mindful how this will affect people mentally and emotionally when the offices are open and these fulfilling family experiences are no longer viable within the working day. I, personally, will endeavour to make positive changes at MBN around flexible working that complements work/life balance and subsequently ensures a more productive, successful and positive team.

My WISH is that the business community can continue with the spirit of humanity that has been shown through these challenging days.

What’s your wish for the business world moving forward?

Author: Michael Young