MBN Launch Technology Supper Club: Data Leaders

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The first event will be held on the 15th August in Glasgow and we will kick off the series with ‘The Role of The Data Leader in The Context of Effective Data Governance’.

Technology Supper Club: Data Leaders

In all fast moving, progressive and successful ventures and organisations, data now drives their core decision-making. Most commentators in the domain of data agree that this is not a trend and that this use of data enablement should now be at the heart of all organisations seeking to achieve their goals and transformational outcomes – a data enabled platform for growth.

The basic tenets of collecting and wrangling data are now regarded as something most organisations can readily master. However, research conducted by MBN indicates that the residual challenge now is knowing how to make best use of that data to empower the best business decisions possible.

This is where we believe the good and the great are differentiated by one key issue… leaders in data.  A brief look at surveys conducted by leading data commentators of the consulting world, coupled with workshops, panels and round tables conducted by MBN, signpost that this is the issue uppermost in the mind of senior management in data driven businesses today.

With this in mind, MBN has launched its Technology Supper Club: Data Leaders. Designed to be more than a talking shop, this regular event will be open to a select number of industry stakeholders where they will have the opportunity to socialise issues, problems and opportunities that they face with a group of like-minded experts.

We appreciate that many such forums exist but this series will set itself apart from many others by building on the ability of MBN to attract the very best speakers, facilitators and participants to focus on thorny and challenging issues. Operated under ‘Chatham House Rules’ this will be a forum in which challenges such as target operating models, board sponsorship, data governance and data team organisational design will be comingled with topics such as the role of the data leader and the future of the board, the emergence of end user data champions and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Exploring all aspects from ethics and governance through to operational challenges faced by data leaders, this forum will be more than a talking shop as it will connect the best and brightest in data leadership globally with a remit to help define, describe and deliver the next sprint in the evolution of the data enabled organisation.

Numbers will be limited with each event accommodating no more than a dozen or so data leaders and will be strictly invitation only. However, if you would like to be considered for participation, please do contact us so we can discuss your prospective invitation.