Robin Huggins appears as guest on July’s DMA Politics Podcast

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Robin Huggins appears as guest on July’s DMA Politics Podcast

After a day spent training the Date & Marketing Association’s Creative Data Academy students on the skills required for Employability in today’s Digital & Data Marketing sectors, Rob Huggins was delighted to take up an invitation from Michael Sturrock (Public Affairs Manager at DMA UK) to join his friend and colleague Firas Khnaisser (Head of Decisioning at Standard Life and Chairman at DMA Scotland) as guests on Michael’s brilliant DMA Politics Podcast. Michael is an amazing host and super sharp and funny guy and he made two podcast novices in Rob & Firas feel so very relaxed and comfortable as they talked around the Creative Data Academy, collaboration and community within Data in Scotland, the future of Talent and many more topics (including some slightly off-the-wall ones!)

Rob, Firas & Michael have been collaborating for around a year now as part of DMA Scotland’s Council – where Rob is honoured to participate as Talent Advisor.

Collaborations of this nature are key to MBN’s position within the Data Science & Technology Community. With our unrivalled network, expertise and knowledge we are bring a unique perspective to the Talent issues facing many of the organisations with whom we partner. Our position is that we seek to understand the complexities of the Talent challenges facing companies at every level – from Graduate to C-Suite – or from “the classroom to the boardroom”

It’s this unrivalled expertise that sees organisations like DMA seek our advice on what we see on the Data Talent Marketplace – a highly complex and fast-moving landscape that never fails to excite!

We won’t say too much more here – but if you are interested in hearing the podcast here’s a link to it: