Technology Supper Club – Data Leaders – ”What Start-Ups and Corporates can learn from each other”

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Last night saw the latest instalment of MBN Solutions’ Technology Supper Club.

This invitation-only event has now become a regular feature of our engagement model – where we have the opportunity to listen and learn more from our community on topics that are currently being debated within our core markets of Data, Technology and Analytics.

This gathering was focused on Data Leaders – bringing together experiences ranging from the largest corporates to a Chief Executive from a business only 10 days’ old!

The subject of conversation? The very topical “What Start-Ups and Corporates can learn from each other”

With 20 Business Leaders drawn from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – from Financial Services companies through to Media and Third Sector organisations – we were privileged to hear some refreshingly honest and humorous contributions.

Some of the key discussion points from last night included:

  • Is the grass always greener? Some Start-Ups aspire to be Corporates – and many Corporates wish they could capture the Start-Up “vibe” – but, in reality, is the grass always greener on the other side? Both types of organisation demonstrate a range of strengths and weaknesses in approach to tackling similar problems and challenges with the prevailing opinion being that a form of incremental “evolution” of process and approach would benefit both types of company.
  • The differences in communication styles and channels between Start-Up and Corporates was explored fully. The flatter and clearer hierarchies within Start-Up organisations often facilitate direct, immediately actionable communication – with this being contrasted with the sometimes complex and longer communication chain within larger organisations. However, the available expertise and dedicated SMEs within Corporates often facilitate clearer communication in more complex areas.
  • The resources available to Corporates mean that, in some cases, they can afford to fail…a luxury that often isn’t afforded to Start-Ups with a contrasting lack in crucial areas such as finance, human resources and technology. Many of our guests expressed opinions that, when they worked within Start-Ups, many potentially successful initiatives weren’t able to get off the ground purely for logistical reasons.

All in all, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with some fantastic company and think that everyone left the room feeling both enthused and enlightened by the wide range of candidate opinions expressed.

Massive thanks to all of our guests for a stimulating debate and special thanks go to Nuala Kennedy-Preston of People’s Postcode Lottery for hosting and to Mark Hunter of Sainsbury’s Bank for his expert chairing throughout.