The future’s so bright….I gotta wear shades…

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A top prize of a biscuit and a cup of tea for anyone who can tell me who originally sung the song with the lyric mentioned above….(No Googling!)

I’ve spent the last few weeks meeting and interviewing a large amount of people – mostly recent graduates – to select an intake for the MBN Academy’s Graduate Recruiter program.

We’ve advertised ourselves and used the services of some excellent specialist recruitment firms to allow us the best possible view of the available raw talent on the market in Glasgow at the moment.

I have to say – I’m impressed. Very impressed.

I know it’s easy for jaded, cynical folks to decry the Millennial/Generation Y cohort – forming broad generic characterisations and spouting negativity to underplay the talents of a huge group of people – but, I have to say, I’m in danger of forming an almost contrary opinion (again, generalising, I know!)

I’ve had conversations with over a dozen Generation Y applicants and, in the vast majority of cases, I have been absolutely blown away by the passion, intelligence, knowledge, ideas and general enthusiasm shown by our applicants.

Now, I know, quite a few will have been “very well prepared” by our recruitment partners – I’ve done the job myself for long enough not to be too blinded by that. A decent level of preparation will get you through……about 5 to 10 minutes of a meeting with me.

After that, you’re on your own.

And stand on their own 2 feet is exactly what these folks are able to do. Confident, articulate, inquisitive, polished – all of this and more. I am genuinely glowing as a write this.

Every candidate I have met are worthy of merit. Every one of them have done themselves proud. They are all a credit not only to themselves, but to the parents, teachers, lecturers, family and friends who have influenced them on their life journey to date.

So, Millennials or Generation Y or whatever the marketing folks have decided to call you this week – take a bow. You are the future – and the future is bright!