What Have Econometricians, Data Scientists, Commercial Edge And Mud Got In Common?

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Big Data continues to be a hot topic, but much of it is simply enhanced Business Intelligence in a new mantle. Our major survey on the subject last year discovered many examples of businesses pushing the envelope of data science. They are exploring emerging topics and new areas of study made possible by vast troves of raw data and cutting-edge architectures and tools for analysing and exploring information.

As organisations evolve and embrace technological advances, data becomes an even more key currency on which they can hope to gain an advantage over competitors and push business success. Creating a data-driven culture – ensuring that your business embraces data insight at every level – becomes essential.

At MBN we believe that tools and technology are important, as is the capture and storage of key data sets, but its only half the story (or less!). Our experience is that our clients are at the leading edge of benefit realisation through ‘Big Data’. They have already turned the corner in terms of gaining real competitive edge through insight and analytics. Our recent event in London presented several perspectives on this and how companies such as Channel 4 and Capita are making the most of Big Data. So what is it that they have done to achieve this and how have we helped? Well… the summary recommendation from our survey is that more focus is needed on key individuals, awareness and education and a process of engaging the whole business on the value and benefits of Big Data culture.

MBN are the market leading people solutions provider for businesses seeking to secure the very best big data talent. Over the course of the last few years, MBN have placed more econometricians, data scientists, insight analysts and data technologists into the most profitable and fastest growing, data enabled businesses than any of our peers. Whether you are a small business seeking to find a key individual to kick start your insight programme or a FTSE listed business continuing the build of your team, MBN are the first, and for many, the only choice of business partner to go to.

With a range of services focused on adding real, commercial value to their clients, MBN can support a range of people based needs including:

  • search and selection for senior executives and business leaders
  • access to technical and scientific based econometricians and insight analysts
  • development of role descriptions and job specifications for technology specialists in the areas of digital enablement and big data
  • staff and management assessment activities, recruitment strategies, and reward and remuneration planning and benchmarking

So what about MBN? Glasgow’s best kept secret is that it is the International home of the multi award winning people solutions business, MBN. MBN opened an office in London last year and continue with dramatic, impressive and well managed growth. MBN’s own recruitment continues by seeking out the very best recruiters with demonstrable subject matter expertise and exceptional networks of candidates. MBN isn’t all about work though. MBN were proud to be able to dig deep last year and support local charity, Yorkhill, with a fund raise which wasn’t just about parting with cash. MBN fielded a ‘Tough Mudder’ team to demonstrate its hardcore mettle, grit and resilience. It was gruelling and as the name describes, ‘Tough’. Our plan this year is to grow the size of our Tough Mudder team and double the fun.