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Building Diversity in a Multi-National Engineering Firm

Aggreko is a global business operating in mission critical circumstances, supplying its B2B customers with electricity, heating and cooling. Its data and insight driven decision making helps drive operational efficiencies, improve performance and reduce costs, all for the benefit of its business clients.

  • The Challenge

    Diversity and inclusion are part of Aggreko’s core values and it needed to build a team of unique and diverse individuals across data and technology.


    The challenge that Aggreko faced was tapping into and attracting the diverse talent that it needed to round out its insights team, which is made up of data engineers, data scientists, business analysts and developers.



    Aggreko came to MBN for our reputation of supporting and championing diversity and being able to access the best, diverse talent in the data, technology and analytics market.


  • The Solution

    Once we understood Aggreko’s challenge and the importance of diversity to the business, we worked closely with the Director of Data Insight to create a compelling campaign that targeted diverse groups and applicants.


    This campaign was taken to market through our unique talent channels, including working closely with the MBN Academy team (who help foster emerging talent from universities).
    By creating a campaign that was inclusive and targeted a diverse group of people, we brought Aggreko unique candidates and were able to surface hard to reach talent from the private and public sector.


We take great pride in the value our team is contributing to Aggreko and its customers. The impact of working closely with MBN is that we have created a truly diverse and inclusive team where people come to work to be their true selves and be valued for the unique contribution they make.

Elizabeth Hollinger
Director of Data Insight, Aggreko
  • The Results

    The campaign we created for Aggreko targeted a diverse and talented group over the course of two years and was designed to systematically increase diversity. As opportunities opened at the company, we were able to approach the market with the importance of diversity front of mind. Throughout the two years the campaign has been running, we have helped Aggreko:


    • Increase female representation in the Insights team by almost 30%.
    • Increase cultural and national diversity.
    • Increase diversity of age.


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