Meet the Team

  • Michael

    Michael’s the boss. As our CEO he founded the company almost twenty years ago, wanting to revolutionise the way data and technology recruitment was done across the UK. He nailed it (if we say so ourselves) and continues to be a driving force in the UK’s data and tech communities. As MBN pushes out into the world Michael is augmenting his CEO role as an advisor to a number of start-ups, charities and third sector organisations. When he’s not doing that, he raises money for charity through endurance events.

  • Peter
    Managing Director

    Pete’s the Managing Director and has been working with MBN since almost the start of our journey. As our resident diplomat, he keeps us holding fast and going in the right direction. He’s got his hands firmly on the wheel and his eyes on the horizon. He always knows where we’re going and why we’re going there. He’s a master of detail and the wide ranging strategic perspective. Simply put, Pete gets it.

  • Robin
    Client Services Director

    Rob’s our Client Services Director. It’s been almost 15 years and he’s still the smiling face that our clients know and love. Whether it’s ensuring excellence in our engagement model or presenting at one of our events, Rob is often the first MBN face that people see. He’s pretty good, too. So good that he’s been recognised as one of the hundred most influential people in the UK Data Industry...twice.

  • Sebastian
    Marketing Manager

    Seb’s the Marketing Manager. In between making suspicious fashion decisions and complaining about having a permanently bruised thumb from Mario Kart, he keeps us pushing towards new markets and makes sure people know who we are, before they’ve heard of us.

  • Fiona
    Operations Manager

    If Pete knows which direction we’re heading, Fiona’s the reason any of this works at all. As our Operations Manager she keeps everything running smoothly, the train on the tracks, the gunpowder dry. You get what we’re saying.

  • Nikola
    Business Support Coordinator

    Nikola’s our Project Delivery Lead. She’s the glue that keeps us all together. Nikola helps deliver high-value projects across MBN and MBN Academy. Most of us would be lost without her, cheers Nik.

  • Greta
    Financial Controller

    Greta’s our Financial Controller and head bean counter. She makes sure we all get paid and that everything gets paid for. Everyone at MBN is important but without Greta we couldn’t eat, so she’s right up there with one of the most important people we know. She’s a whizz at maths, stats, numbers and all things spreadsheet-related.

  • Lauren
    Head of Talent, Performance and Development

    Lauren’s the Head of Talent Performance and Development. She’s a super recruiter. A kind of all Power Rangers combined force in the data and technology world. Lauren’s role sees her pass on many years of best practice to the rest of the business whilst continuing to deliver the excellence that she’s renowned for.

  • Kristopher
    Head of Data Science, Engineering and Analytics

    Kris is our Head of Data Science, Engineering and Analytics. His knowledge of the data market is up there with the best of them and he’s probably more connected than anyone we know. He makes sure we put the best data professionals in the best data jobs across a variety of service lines.

  • Joshua
    Client Acquisition Lead

    Josh is our Client Acquisition Lead. He also listens to (very) heavy metal. On the MBN frontlines for a decade, he’s seen it all (and I mean it all). Day to day he’s collaborating with market-leading clients and helping them transform their businesses with the best in data and analytics talent. Ask him about his pug.

  • Mo
    Principal Consultant

    Mo’s been in the data science game since 2016. He specialises in working with start-ups and scale ups and is connected to some of the best of the best in UK data science. If you want someone that understands the future of data science with your best interest at heart, email him. Like, now.

  • Darren
    Principal Contract Consultant

    Darren specialises in providing contract solutions to data and technology talent challenges. If you need to know anything about contractors, contracting or navigating the world of IR35, Darren’s your guy. There’s more than one story of Darren placing people within 24 hours of getting a call from one of his clients. For him, best-in-breed isn’t a buzzword, it's his contact list.

  • Oliver
    Principal Consultant

    Oliver has spent a number of years recruiting in the data and analytics market across the UK, particularly with London clients. He loves to focus on traditional data analytics recruitment across Data Management, Business Intelligence and Insights and Risk.

  • Ben
    Executive Consultant

    Ben’s a Software Recruitment Specialist. He doesn’t drink but he loves caffeine as much as all the best software engineers on (and off) the market. He specialises in the .NET, PHP and JavaScript software development markets, supporting companies across the UK and EU.

  • Euan
    Executive Consultant

    Euan’s a data engineering recruitment specialist who works with experts in Python, SQL and Cloud development, every day. Euan works the London market and supports our clients throughout the UK and beyond with expertise in this fast-growing sector.

  • Grant

    Grant is a specialist technology recruiter who focuses on the JavaScript software development market, covering positions from graduate to CTO level for companies throughout the UK and EU.

  • Bethany
    Customer Solutions Strategist

    Bethany (not Beth, it’s never Beth) is our Customer Solutions Strategist. As part of our marketing department, Bethany focuses on post-sale customer management to make sure we're giving our customers everything they need. She's also led workshops on diversity and inclusion, employability and upskilling across the UK. She has a cat and pretty much everyone worth knowing likes cats.

  • Russell
    Non Executive Director

    Russell is our Non Executive Director. He’s a serial entrepreneur and is experienced in nurturing blue chip businesses on a global basis. He has more than sixteen years international recruitment experience and uses his experience, contacts and market knowledge to help companies reach their full potential.

  • Paul
    Non Executive Chairman

    Paul is our Non Executive Chairman and joined the MBN board to help establish a platform for growth and the development of the senior team and management practices. He’s an experienced business strategist and board advisor and his background supports the central pillars of MBN’s growth strategy.

  • Steve
    Financial Director

    Steve is our Financial Director. He’s experienced in financial management and provides the support, structure and guidance that ensure MBN’s finances support and empower our growth.

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