Event - How Mindfulness can Improve Your Leadership in 2022 | MBN
17 Jan 2022 , 01:00 PM

How Mindfulness can Improve Your Leadership in 2022


Samantha Bedford will be joining us to discuss mindfulness in the context of leadership. With over 20 years in digital innovation, Sam has held senior roles in Match.com, Vodafone, and more recently as head of innovation with Virgin Money. She is chair of the board of Scotland Women in Technology, a trustee with Close the Gap and a Non-Executive Director of a HealthTech start-up.

Slowing Down to Speed Up

In a world of constant change, always-on business and personal culture learn how mindfulness can help us to become fitter, more resilient leaders and create more engaged teams.

Sam will share an overview of mindfulness, what it is, what it isn’t, the benefits of practice, why training the mind can be transformational and the science that backs it up. She will guide us through some practices so that we can experience it first-hand including how to settle our ever-active minds and share some short practices we can access at work or at home.

As a long-time meditation practitioner, she has been exploring the role of mindfulness and how it can evolve our self-leadership, influence our followers, and enable us to be more authentic. She has just completed an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion conducting research with senior leaders to understand the impact of mindfulness of their leadership capabilities.

She is a mindfulness teacher completing her training with the Mindfulness Association and has also trained with Rick Hanson exploring happiness through Positive Neuroplasticity Training.

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