22 Nov 2021 , 11:00 AM

How to Bolster the Flow of In-Demand Data Engineers to Scotland's Economy

Data Science,Data Engineering

We know that Data Engineering is a hot topic just now. At The Data Lab, we hear on a daily basis from organisations of all sizes and types about the struggle to find talent with the relevant skills and experience.

For our recruitment partner MBN Solutions this is also a recurring conversation with clients, noting that the demand for Data Engineers is at its greatest and the time is now to make a change.

In this session, co-hosted by The Data Lab and MBN Solutions, we will bring together managers and practitioners from a range of organisations with an interest in data engineering talent, with academics from universities in Scotland keen to understand how they can better prepare students with skills relevant to industry need.

During this round table session we will discuss and explore ways in which we might collaborate to begin to address the situation and propose steps in the short, medium and long term towards a solution.

This is an in person event. 


Malmaison Glasgow

278 West George Street

Room Mal 6.


G2 4LL