Event - How to Showcase Your Skills and Get Ahead of the Competition | MBN
23 Jun 2021 , 12:00 PM

How to Showcase Your Skills and Get Ahead of the Competition

Data Science

The competition for data science and analytics jobs is intense but so many applicants aren't showcasing themselves in a way that gets the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.  Whether it's your Resume, your portfolio of projects or how you prepare for, and answer, questions in interviews, there are simple but effective changes you can make to help you get ahead of the competition.

Andrew Jones is the Founder and Director of Analytics-Link. He has more than 14 years in the data science and analytics industry, including working with  Amazon and Sony's  PlayStation brand. At PlayStation,  Andrew  developed and prototyped Machine Learning based features for the PlayStation 5, several of which have been patented by Sony. 

During his career,  Andrew has interviewed and screened hundreds of data science candidates  and through this process has learned what can differentiate a stand out and successful candidate from the rest. 

Andrew is also the author of The Essential A.I. and Data Science Handbook For Recruitment and runs DATA SCIENCE INFINITY, a leading online data science learning programme.