Event - I Am Remarkable | MBN
19 May 2021 , 12:00 PM

I Am Remarkable


This diversity and inclusion workshop, hosted by Natalia Nicholson, is empowering, challenging and designed to give businesses the tools needed to empower marginalised people. 

In the UK, ethnic minorities make up 14% of the working-age population but only represent 10% of the workforce. 
The only way to change this is through action, creating an inclusive workplace culture in which employees from a variety of backgrounds can achieve their best and utilise their talent to its full potential. 

Help your employees become remarkable. Join I Am Remarkable today. 

Get to Know Natalia Nicholson 

Natalia Nicholson is the founder of Women in Digital Business Mastermind, which is a place where like-minded women from diverse backgrounds network, find potential partners and advise each other on their businesses. 

Natalia is a gold-tier facilitator of I Am Remarkable and as a woman of colour, she wants to help underrepresented women understand how to establish personal branding, self-promotion and get the knowledge and tools to build self confidence and thrive in the workplace.