Event - sust-AI-nable: Sustainability in AI | MBN
02 Aug 2021 , 12:00 PM

sust-AI-nable: Sustainability in AI

Data Science

Have you ever considered the difference between Sustainability in AI versus AI for Sustainability? I believe we all know what AI for Sustainability is – utilising data science to support with environmental sustainability initiatives. But have you ever thought about the environmental impact of running code or training algorithms? What impact does the industry of data science have on the environment and how can we improve it? Come join this talk to learn more about how you can be more sustainable in your data science practice through doing AI that matters.

Marta Portugal 

Marta is the Director of Data Science at Forth Point, a data science and data engineering start-up with a focus of delivering on the promise of Industry 4.0. Across her 10-year long career in data, Marta specialised in the commercial applications of data science and worked on several industry-leading projects that operationalised AI and computer vision to drive tangible business change and value. She is a cat-loving, problem-solving person who had never stopped to wonder what the environmental impact of her job was (until now!).