03 Nov 2021 , 05:00 PM

The Role of Indigenous Peoples in the Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest


You are invited to join indigenous leaders, at the MBN office in Glasgow, who will be talking about the role of indigenous peoples in the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest and will lead a prayer sacred prayer ceremony with young and older indigenous leaders from the Amazon rainforest.

With great business and leadership comes great responsibility of how the choices we make impact our work, the people and the environment. How can we create conscious, sustainable, efficient and permanent solutions not just for ourselves but also for the future generations?

The eyes of the world are on Glasgow as it hosts COP26, perhaps the last chance in our joint effort to tackle Climate Change and we have the big honour of hosting 5 Indigenous leaders and activists from the Amazon rainforest.

This is a very rare opportunity to meet the representatives of these communities and learn from their ancestral knowledge and profound connection to nature.

Join us for an evening  of discussion and discovery as we connect and explore how we can work together for the better of our planet and conscious decision making.

Here are the details: 

MBN Solutions
Level 3  (buzzer 2)
112 West George St, Glasgow, G2 1PN

Whilst this is a free event, any donations would be massively appreciated and will be going directly to this amazing cause. You can donate here.